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Although nobody would not back up for Mesos RMT

Although nobody would not back up for Mesos RMT

Nexon announced the Producer Blog of Week 7, Maplestory 2 Mesos  supposed the newest update of MapleStory 2 was officially published. The highlights of the updates are numerous changes brought into the sport which serves nothing but combating and annihilating the monumental amount of MapleStory 2 Meso sellers and the Real Money Trade(RMT for short). Though they do sound really strong and promising, what are the real results once they are effective in the game? Do they have side effects too?

Certainly, Nexon is taking its harder lines with more necessary limitations against the Meso Seller and Mesos transactions right now. Now it's been four days from the launching of Week 7 upgrade announcement, there's already a pile of unpleasant measures of suppression that's been initiated at the sport namely crack down upon"suspects" in relationship with Meso-selling. Over 20,000 accounts which have been confirmed and addressed by Nexon as"malicious" were being ruthlessly banned without notifying accounts' owners formerly. "To restore the market equilibrium," the manufacturer of MapleStory 2 dealt with this as the ultimate target of"combating Meso sellers" Regardless of how light and absurd this explanation is, nevertheless, nearly all legit gamers should have rejoiced at this moves. Well, as a matter of fact, few of Maplers actually applauded within the reform, and much more outraged booing came out and mingled with the grievance of unfair treatment.

Dramatically, Nexon also was fully conscious of collateral damage that this update has already created will befall the"normal players" and stir up a significant protest and disapproval. "we tried to minimize the impact our changes can cause toward our normal players" that the Producer Blog wrote this down. Which degree of"effect" the ordinary players now are experiencing? What are their reactions and allure to those changes? Now, let's take a brief summary of these implemented measures against Meso sellers:Black Market / / 1:1 Trade Level Restriction will require you to get level 60 character in the accounts to list / initiate and will require level 50 into purchase/accept;Making Crystal Fragments account-bound;Reduce the exp gained from Fishing and Fishing Instruments to degree 60.

At this point, these constraints were normally considered"getting out of sequence" by the majority of the players. Although nobody would not back up for Mesos RMT, players got more angry and upset towards the new terms, especially the newcomers, and older players hoping to accelerate alts in various servers. As a new participant who heavily depends upon economies on Black Market for exchange of fundamental boosting supplies and does not have any affection for epic quests or dungeon raids, this kind of Market Restrictions gradually drives him/her off the game as a consequence of their longer time and difficulties which will spend on Buy MS2 Mesos  fostering to level 60. Now, for those consumable supplies, such as potions and leaves, there is literally no issues in selling these by the time you're able to buy them, they are all"too little, too late" for you because of the Restriction No.1

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